by nuages

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released January 23, 2016

all songs by nuages (Oscar Tecu, Mack Doiron, Josh Bravener and Penelope Stevens)

Special thanks to Matt Whipple, Nicci Gallant & Cedric Noel

(additional vocals on weary, tired: Justine Koroscil, Brooke Burns & Emma Johnson)

artwork by Ron Leger



all rights reserved


nuages Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Track Name: weary, tired
She was set on leaving home
and her feet were tied
late into her youthful years
she wanted out, out of the well
as her feathers pleaded let me out
the bitter days had touched the leaves

my god, is this true
wasn't her, never really was
my dear he will keep you
in a box inside his bones

the desolated north had torn apart
a bond between two bodies
her tired head, her weary thoughts
so invested on her flame
and all the prairies ever did
was reassure that time would time its time

my god, is this true
wasn't her, never really was
my dear he will keep you
in a box inside his bones

followed by her broken fire
to her place of birth
the umbra cared but couldn't love himself
she was tired, she took him off
and so the west took her away
and in the east he sunk so deep
Track Name: KD
Kraft dinner color
Even little planets
Have their own moons
And you look so different
In that sweater
Marks of time carved in the wall
Of and empty room

Thoughts so big they crush your skull
My words were not enough
All in red lost and confused
Where's my little moon
Track Name: f.louis
You are dead and content
Heart is beating, and still breathing
Heavy and so dark
My anxious mind, I'll leave behind
I will travel, I won't follow
And I'll die for now, and I'll cry for now
For you
Days go by, the skies will change
Heart is beating, I'm still breathing
From blue to grey, from blue to grey
Track Name: presley avenue
I once thought
the hue within myself
was another piece of yours
hung up on the wall
filled with different colours
patterns led by lines
so I took a walk
turns out I was wrong
and what I found was a clear vision
and a mind so pure
and a bleeding heart
Track Name: feathers
tell me presley avenue
is she carving noses out of stones?
only she can dig the grave
and I'll miss those feathers too
my bean